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Our Process

You already have enough to do

Start working with operations strategists

Together we will discuss your vision and goals to develop an individualized action plan. Our expertise will result in your business being organized, with ongoing strategy implementation and virtual operations management to support the growth of your business.


Strategic Mapping Session

We start with a strategic mapping session to identify your top priorities and address how we can implement and execute, action plans to further operationalize your business. This is typically a 60-minute zoom call where we deep dive into all of your priorities and goals for your business. This enables us to break down your priorities into bite-sized targets (for us and the team) for the week, month, quarter, and year.

Develop Core Number + Focuses of Business

We utilize a strategic system that helps develop your Core Number and 5 Focuses of Business. We find that this is the best way to learn your goals and priorities. This is important as we go through the foundational phase of working with you. From there, we develop a comprehensive Target Document that we refer back to at each weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual meeting.

Comprehensive Business Audit

Within the first 30 days of working with you, we conduct a comprehensive business audit where we deep dive into your systems, team, documented processes, workflows, finances and MUCH more. This is a crucial step in our process.

Fractional Integrator Support

Once we have conducted our audit, we have set the stage for an ongoing, productive working relationship.  In this role, we are the expert advisor in your corner. We will plan, strategize and support the implementation of your plans so that you can meet and exceed your business goals.

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