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Meet Megan + Olivia

We are the ultimate problem solvers, time managers, strategic thinkers, team leaders, tech wizards and adaptors.

Our integrator expertise will result in your business being organized, with ongoing strategy implementation and operations management to support the growth of your business. Together we will discuss your vision and goals to develop an individualized action plan.

Hi! I’m Megan.

I am the CEO and Co-founder of Manager of Mayhem, mom of two girls and a wife. You can always find me jamming to music, fixing a tech issue, strategizing on a new project or catering to my kids’ endless need for snacks. There really is no in-between with me. You’ll find that I am an introvert and my love language is sarcasm. I reside off a long, private dirt road in Southern Virginia (I enjoy the quiet). I try to appreciate the present and find little pieces of joy throughout my days.

Hi! I’m Olivia.

I am the COO, Co-founder and communications catalyst here at Manager of Mayhem. Although we know what it takes to be the top-notch Integrator to your Visionary ideas, I genuinely believe that successful business management begins with effective communication. It is strategically embedded into our client process and in turn allows us to stand out against the rest. When I’m not strategizing on making your business fit your vision, you’ll find me spending time with my family traveling somewhere new with my favorite craft brew in hand.

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